Kindergarten Curriculum
Our Kindergarten Curriculum has an emphasis on Math and Language. 

MathematicsPrinting Letters
- Number recognition     - Upper & Lower case
- Number/symbol association
- Rote & skip counting   Comprehension
- Graphing      - Sequencing
- Greater than, less than, equal to  - Material in our SRA
- Concept of zero     reading workbooks
- Problem solving
- Addition & subtraction Journal Writing
    - What is a sentence?
Reading and Language
- Phonemic awareness
- Sound/symbol association
- Recognition of beginning, middle,
  and ending sounds in words
- 1st and 2nd grade SRA-series
  reading books and workbooks

Our kindergarten children have their own personalized curriculum.  After mastering sound recognition, they begin sounding out words from our vowel packets.  They begin reading in our SRA 1st grade readers and workbooks.  Reading is not limited to our kindergarten program as it can begin in our preschool program as individual skills develop. We use the 1st and 2nd grade SRA readers and workbooks.